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Posted by heidif1415 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on April 2, 2015

school-for-clip-art-niBg9aMiA All About School

In Language Arts we do grammar, spelling,  novel study, and creative writing. In grammar we have finished our booklet on run-on-sentences. In novel study we are reading, “Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing”. Each chapter we read we will be answering questions using the novel to help us. We are also reading “Ivan The One And Only” together as a class.We have finished writing our Valentine poem on a heart that we painted in creative writing. In spelling we are doing lesson 11. In creative writing we are also making leprechaun hats for St. Patrick’s Day. I am making a leprechaun trap at home. When I finish it I will bring it to school to show my teacher. We also blog on the net books or iPads.
In Gym we’ve played soccer, volleyball, basketball and now we are doing gymnastics. We do flips, somersaults, cartwheel, balancing, and headstands. Once we have gone over the booklet we will put together a routine.
In Art we are finished our water colour sunset . We have also finished our half of our face drawing. Now we are painting our pots for Easter.  After the pots we do our scratch art.
In Science we are learning about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (the three R’s). Some kids are making a movie, some are making a file folder, and the rest are making posters. My poster is about using your older brother or sisters clothes.school_boy_clipart_printsofjoy
 In Social  we are learning about the Foothills region. We already did the Rocky Mountains. We wrote postcards to other people in the class or whoever we wanted to. When we do the Prairies we will make dream catchers and we might make bannock . I’m very exited! We will do the Canadian Shield,  Parkland and the Boreal Forest. In social we also do Mystery Skypes. We have done several Skpyes.  They are very fun!
In Math we have finished comparing numbers on a number line. We are starting multiplication. We have done the one times table, the two times table, and the three times table. We do a test after each times table. After Easter holidays we will do division.  School is awesome!! 🙂

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Great work, Heidi on your post about school. You did a fantastic job on your leprechaun trap and your poster on the 3R’s is coming along nicely. Your polar bear watercolour project and symmetrical drawing Art projects turned out wonderfully. Both were neatly done with thought and care. You are a wonderful leader during our Mystery Skypes. Excellent job knowing your multiplication facts and I am looking forward to your gymnastics routine. Your enthusiasm for school shines through and it is a pleasure teaching you this year! 🙂

Well Done! I like all the details you have added about each class. Keep up the good work on the blog and in class. I can’t wait to see what else you have done in class.

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