What Easter Means To Me


Posted by judithp1415 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on April 2, 2015

 What Easter Means to Me

On Easter morning my mom and dad go to church. Once they are back from church we eat  lunch and after lunch my dad goes outside and hides our chocolate bunnies. Easter means to me that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Later a man called Joseph comes and helps Jesus off of the cross. On Easter Monday we go to my grandparents place and usually they hide a bag of candy or chocolate for the kids. Sometimes we stay home and my brothers and sisters that are married come over. We also always have a special meal on the last holiday. I also have to say all the prayers that I learned at school to my grandparents.

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Nice work Judy. You did a nice job explaining the importance of Easter and what you do with you family during Easter. You understand the true meaning of Easter, which is Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and rising from the dead as our Saviour. Continue working on adding more detail and expanding your ideas for your next writing piece. Happy Easter! 🙂

Good Work Judy! Good job of organizing your thoughts, maybe next time add a few more details. I am glad you have fun at Easter with your family.

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