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  ruby crowned   I had a very exciting day.  We got to Skype with Bird Studies Canada  in Ontario.  I learned about a lot of different birds today. The first bird was called Ruby Crowned Kinglet .  It can weigh as much as a loonie.  Kinglets are tiny songbirds with large heads, almost no neck, and thin tails. The Ruby Crowned Kinglets eats spiders and many different types of insects. Ruby Crowned Kinglets make their nests in trees, as high as 100 feet tall.  They have very small, thin bills.    We saw a Saw-Whet Owl.  It was very cute.  It was brown, black, and gray.  They enjoy living in the forests.   I saw a Warbler.  It had a yellow spot on its tail.  The warbler is only 11 cm long.  The yellow warbler has black eyes thin, pointed bill, and thin body with a long tail.  I saw a Fox Sparrow.  It looked just like a fox.  It had long claws that it uses to dig under the ground to find its food.

The biologists catch birds with a soft net and then they put them into soft white bags.  It was funny when they weighed the birds because they hadsaw-whet-owl to put the birds upside down into a black scale, so they cannot fly away. They hold the birds with two fingers  on their feet. It did not hurt them. They have nets out and  they go to check the nets every fifteen to twenty minutes. They wrote a number on a tag and put the tag on the bird with a tong.  This also did not hurt them. They catch about 300 birds in one morning. I like to Skype because we can see them and they can see us. My favourite part about the Skype presentation was when they showed us a baby Saw-Whet Owl because it was  a sparrow © A.Morris/VIR

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I am glad you enjoyed the Skype presentation. I can tell you learned a great deal about birds from the presentation because you included informative details in your post. I agree it was funny that the biologists weigh the birds backwards. It definitely was a nice surprise to see the Saw-Whet Owl! I like how you described things in your post such as black scale, rather than just scale and soft nets, rather than just nets. Using descriptive adjectives helps the reader create pictures of these images in their mind. Continue adding descriptive language and adjectives to your writing. Keep working hard and keep up the great work! 🙂

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