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Today was really amazing because I got to see really cool birds. We Skyped with Bird Studies Canada in Ontario. My favourite was the super cute owl, which was the Saw-Whet Owl. The eyes looked like my owl mosaic eyes.  The Saw-Whet Owls eyes were thin and looked like it had eyelashes. The owls ears are really large. It was really cute. Today was my first time ever seeing an owl.We also learned about the Fox Sparrow.  It actually has a red patch on its’ head. There was also a Warbler and a Ruby Crowned Kinglet. The Ruby Crowned Kinglet bird weighs as much as loonie, which is 7 grams.  The biologists capture the birds with really soft nets.cutes owl ever


They put a band on their feet, so they can track the bird and find out more about birds. The birds stay around for a few days , then they will fly away. They sometimes catch 300 birds in one morning! This is my favourite Skype so far, even though this is only my second Skype. I really like to Skype especially when it involves animals.  Two of the birds were just born this year.  Sometimes you can tell how old they are just by looking at the feathers.  They put the birds in a container upside down. They weigh the birds, release the birds into the wild, and see which way they go. I wish they had a Great Horned Owl or a humming bird. I really wish that I could work at the Bird Studies in Canada.  I really enjoyed the Skype lesson.




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It is great that you enjoyed the Skype presentation. I can tell how much you enjoy learning about animals. You did a nice job of describing the birds and how the biologists banded the birds. You are right, the owl mosaics we created in Art class did look like the Saw-Whet Owl! You could have added more detail to your blog post by describing what the birds looked like and what they eat. This is something you need to continue to work on for your next writing project is adding more descriptive language. I liked how you included your personal opinion in the post which gives the reader insight into your personality. Keep working hard and keep up the great work! 🙂

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