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Dear Veteran,

Thank you Veteran for keeping our country strong and free.  I’m thankful that when I go to school I feel safe, not like some children that go to school where bombs, tanks, and guns are going off. Thank you for your service and fighting in war so we can be safe. Thank you for a day of Remembrance that we can think of our blessings and we can think of what the soldiers have gone through in the war. Thank you for keeping us freedom and safe.

We learned about John McCrae.  He was born in Guelph, Ontario. He also wrote a lot of poetry. One was called, “In Flanders Fields.” He wrote it after his friend died in war.  We also learned about the Peace Tower in Ottawa.  It has 53 bells on it. There is also the Book of Remembrance.  The Book of Remembrance has the names of all the soldiers that fought in war.  Every year a new page would be turned to show the names of the soldiers that fought in the war.

We are making Remembrance Day clay poppy pictures for Remembrance Day. We sang, “A Wish for Peace,” at Remembrance Day Assembly. We are typing Remembrance Day letters for Remembrance Day. We had an assembly on Tuesday, November 10th because on November 11th was Remembrance Day.   At the assembly, there was a veteran.  His name was Mr. Eichelbaum.   He started fighting when he was 23 years He was really young when he started fighting.  Mr. Eichelbaum had his first war in World War One. We had two minutes of silence and we sang O, Canada.

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Great work, Benny! You demonstrated empathy and understanding of how difficult it was for soldiers and others in war. You explained your understanding about John McCrae and the Peace Tower in detail. Continue adding detail and description to your writing to your next writing project. Your poppy picture turned out nicely! Great selection of Remembrance Day pictures and font colour. Keep up the great work, Benny! 🙂

Good work, Benny!

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