Santa is Stuck!


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Santa’s Stuck in the Chimney

By: Peter


One night before Christmas the wind was blowing and my windows were banging. I was trying to go to sleep, but I could only think of Christmas. I finally shut my eyes. BUT, I heard a THUMP, THUMP on my roof. I opened the window.   It was windy, and I looked up and I saw reindeer.  I heard Santa call, “HO, HO, HO,” so I quickly went to bed. I waited and waited. I wondered  what was  taking him so long.

I went up the stairs and I heard someone say, “Help.”   I looked up in the chimney.  I stuck my hand up the chimney and I felt a large fluffy beard.  IT WAS SANTA!  I was very surprised.  I said, “What are you doing in there?”  Santa said, “Help.  I am stuck.”

I grabbed a magnet from our garage and a ladder and climbed up the roof.  I saw the elves and the reindeer. I carried the magnet  to the chimney.  The magnet got stuck to his belt. The elves helped me to try to pull Santa out.  He was really stuck.

I went to the kitchen to get butter and a lighter.   I climbed up the ladder and melted the butter.  I threw the melted butter down the chimney. Santa said, “YUCK!  What … what … was that?  I replied, “That was butter.” “ I do like butter in my cookies, but all over me,” Santa exclaimed. The elves and I pulled on Santa again.  He was still stuck.

I got a thick rope and tied it on his shiny boots.  The elves and I all pulled as hard as we all could.  He flew out of the chimney with a smile on his face.  We all cheered.Santa gave me a present because I helped get him out of the chimney. Santa exclaimed,  “Ho, Ho, Ho!  Merry Christmas!

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Great work, Peter! Your story had a beginning, middle, and and end. Your story had logical ways to get Santa out of the chimney – the magnet, melted butter, and finally using rope and the elves to help pull Santa out of the chimney. I like how you used onomatopoeia words such as, “Thump and Ho, Ho, Ho.” This helps the reader imagine Santa on the roof. Great use of descriptive language such as, quickly, surprised, windy, shiny, and fluffy.” Using descriptive language makes your writing more interesting. I like how you used humour in your story, by having Santa exclaim, “Yuck,” about the butter and that he prefers it in his cookies! Your font colour was easy to read and your picture related well to your story! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Keep working hard! 🙂

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