Santa is Stuck!


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Santa’s is Stuck in The Chimney

By: Tina

One Christmas Eve I was snug in my bed.  I was thinking of the cookies and milk I left for Santa. All of a sudden there was a THUMP.  I looked around. What was that? I laid down and tried to fall back asleep. Just before I fell asleep I heard another THUMP. I woke up. I looked out the window. I didn’t see anything.

I tiptoed down the stairs. I looked at the fireplace. The cookies and milk were still there. I looked around. I heard the THUMP again.  I looked into the chimney. “Help I am in the chimney,” exclaimed a voice.  I was scared for a minute, but then I knew it had to be Santa! “Help! I am stuck!  Hurry!” exclaimed Santa.

I decided I would get a rope. I ran outside to the garage. I looked around and I saw a long rope! I quickly ran inside. I ran to the chimney. I tied the rope onto Santa’s feet. I pulled the rope! Santa didn’t move an inch. Luckily, I had something in mind.

I went to the garage. I found a magnet! I ran back to the house. I went to the chimney. I put the magnet on Santa’s belt. I pulled as hard as I could! Santa didn’t fall out. I sat on the floor. I was becoming sleepy!  

wallpaper-christmas-new-year-christmas-tree-fireplace-gift-christmas-wallpaper-fireplace “You can’t stop.  You won’t get presents if I don’t get out,” exclaimed Santa.  “Fine I won’t give up,” I said.

 I went to get a ladder from the garage.  I put the ladder by the house. I climbed up the ladder. I saw Santa’s reindeer! I looked down the chimney. I still saw Santa in the chimney. I reached down the chimney and grabbed Santa’s hand. The reindeer pulled on my clothing.  We pulled and pulled and finally Santa came out! “Santa you finally came out of the chimney,” I exclaimed. Santa replied, “I need to go.  It is almost morning.”

Santa went down the ladder. I followed Santa inside. Santa thanked me for getting him out of the chimney.  Santa told me to go back to bed.  As I walked up the stairs I heard Santa say, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”


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Excellent work, Tina! Your story had a beginning, middle, and end. Your details supported the topic of helping getting Santa out of the chimney. Your ideas followed a logical order – first with a rope, then a magnet, and then finally by pulling Santa out with the reindeer. Great use of onomatopoeia words, such as thump. Also great use of verbs and adverbs such as tiptoed and luckily. Using descriptive words allows the reader to create an imagine of your story in their mind, making your story more interesting. I like how Santa gave you encouragement to keep going when you were becoming tired! Keep working on your spelling and punctuation for your next writing project. Your font colour was easy to read and your pictures related well to your story. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Keep working hard! 🙂

Hi Tina I really like the story you made. We normally do stars, wishes, and wonders. But I can’t find anything wrong with your story so good job. If you want to follow me click on this link

Hi Tina, I am Kaylie. Great job on your story. I wish you would have made the story a tiny bit longer. I wonder were the class blogs are on this blog?

Hi Tina I am Dane. I like that you had santa get stuck in the chimney. It was funny. I wonder why santa said you will not get any presents if you do not help me. I wish you said if you believe in santa.

Hi My name is Sydni . I am from Mr. Geiman language arts class. I hope you had a good Christmas. I had a good one. Good job on writing it and I like that you added pictures. I” also like that you didn’t just pull Santa out right away and you made it harder to pull Santa out. Come visit my blog at

Hi Tina my name is Tate I am in 4th grade. My teacher is Mr.Geiman I really liked your story about Santa being stuck in your chimney thought it was really creative.I wish I could have helped Santa. I wonder if Santa gave you any presents in your story.

Hi Tina
Hi I am Brandon and I am from Mr. Geimans class I really loved your story it was so interesting and funny. I wish that you would have not put as many pictures it was a little distracting. I wonder if Santa was really quick or not.

Please visit my site at:

Hi I’m Derek and I’m from the PA and in Mr.Geiman’s 4th grade class. I like the part where the person gets a magnet from their garage and tries to get him down with it. I wish that you could have said when the person got the ladder she said “Oh look Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer!” that would be funny. I wonder if you will make a story about Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Follow me at
if you want to go to my teachers blog site it’s right here

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