What Easter Means to Me?


Posted by agathan1516 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on March 24, 2016

Easter means it is a time to be with family. You should think about all the grateful things that Jesus has done for us. Jesus was nailed on a cross for us. Jesus’ last words were,“Father forgive them.  They do not know what they have done wrong.”  Jesus was placed in a cave with a gigantic rock in front of the cave. Jesus knew that he was going to die that week. Jesus gave to his friends a piece of bread and some wine.  Jesus explained to his friends that the wine was his blood and that the bread was his body.

We celebrate Easter with a family gathering. We talk to each other about Easter and finding the chocolates that my mom and dad have hidden.  Sometimes I get to go to my aunt and uncle’s house on Easter. Easter is a big deal to my family. We like to go to a park on Easter. My dad makes his famous burgers and my mom makes her famous chicken noodle soup. All of my sisters and I have to wear the same dress. My oldest sister hides five toys around the house.  The girls get a Barbie and the boys get a toy truck. On Easter I love to get together with my family. I love to talk and hear funny skittytories. When it is Easter at my house we go to a park and eat lunch there. On Easter morning my mom, dad and my sister and I get the food ready for Easter lunch and supper. Easter 1

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Nice job, Agatha! You understand Easter is a time to celebrate with family and being grateful for Jesus dying for our sins. You are lucky that your parents are terrific cooks! The famous burgers and chicken noodle soup sound delicious! Sounds like you have a wonderful time celebrating Easter with your family and I hope you had a Happy Easter! Your font colour was easy to read and your pictures related well to Easter. 🙂

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