What Easter Means To Me?


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What Easter Means To Me?


To me Easter means something very important because that is the time when Jesus was nailed on the cross. When Jesus was nailed on the cross he was sweating blood and that means that Jesus died for our sins. Jesus was nailed on the cross on Good Friday and they took Jesus off the cross that afternoon. Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Day. On Good Friday the German people don’t play with our phones. After 40 days, Jesus went to Heaven, which is Ascension Day.

On Easter Day we go to church and after we go to our grandparents and have a large gathering. We have lunch and then all the children have to take turns saying a little verse and a song in front of our grandparents. After all the children have said their verses and songs, our dad hides a bag of chocolate for everyone and then they can go and find their bags. After the day is over we go home and my parents hide some bags for us at home, and we enjoy the chocolate!

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Good work, Paulina! You explained the reason for Easter well, which is Jesus dying for our sins and resurrecting from the dead. It is nice that you have a large gathering with your family. I am sure you say your verses and sing beautifully for your grandparents! Finding delicious chocolate to eat is an enjoyable activity to do! Your font colour was easy to read and your pictures related well to Easter! Hope you had a Happy Easter! 🙂

Very good job. Love all the pictures at the end. 🙂

Hello Grade Fours!
I really enjoyed my afternoon with you last Friday!
You are a friendly and kind group of children. I can see how much you’ve learned since Grade One!
I’m amazed and proud of you!
Hope to see you soon.
Love, Mrs. Ressler

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