What Easter Means to Me?


Posted by peterp1516 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on March 24, 2016

Jesus went to a garden to pray.  Eleven disciples went with him. Judas had gone to tell the enemies of Jesus where to find him.  Some soldiers killed Jesus on the cross.  Jesus died for our sins.  In three days Jesus rose from the dead.  He stayed on Earth for forty days.  He taught people how they could do to heaven.  After the forty days on Earth he went back to heaven.  The soldiers that had killed Jesus were looking for him.  That is why we have Easter hunts.

We sing Eater songs at our grandparents house.  We will look for the Easter eggs that my parents have hidden.  We see who has the most chocolate eggs.  The one who has the most chocolate eggs is the winner.  We are going to Mexico this weekend.  In Mexico our grandparents have a farm.  They have a lot of calves.  I help them put the calves in a separate place.jesus

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Good work, Peter! You explained the meaning of Easter well, which is Jesus dying for our sins and the importance of Jesus’ resurrection. It is interesting that you mention the soldiers that killed Jesus were looking for him and this is similar to the Easter egg hunts we have today. I am curious if this is something you discussed with your parents? I hope you enjoy your Easter with your grandparents in Mexico! Continue working on expanding your ideas to make your writing more interesting. Hope you had a Happy Easter! Keep working hard, Peter! 🙂

Great job! Very well written.

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