Santa Stuck in Chimney


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Santa in Chimney

One Christmas Eve night Nelly was in her warm cozy bed upstairs in her room. Nelly could not fall asleep.  She was too excited for Christmas.  Nelly must have drifted off to sleep, when SUDDENLY  Nelly heard a  THUMP, THUMP, THUMP!   Nelly thought it was just her brother again so Nelly went in her brother’s room to see if it was him, but it was not her brother. Nelly heard that THUMP, THUMP again. She knew it was not her brother this time.

Nelly crept down the stairs, so her family would not be able to hear her. Nelly went to the table in the living room to check to see if the chocolate chip cookies and if the fresh milk was still there.  It was!  Nelly heard the noise again.   It was coming from the roof and chimney.  Who could it be?  Nelly wondered could it be Santa Claus?

Nelly looked in the chimney.   Nelly saw a bright red suite and some shiny black boots sticking out of the chimney.

Nelly stuck her finger in the chimney. Nelly felt something fluffy.   Then Nelly heard a yell don’t pull on my white bread. Nelly whispered up the chimney, “Is it you Santa?”  “Yes it is me,” whispered Santa down the chimney. “What are you doing in the chimney,” asked Nelly.   “I am stuck.   Can you get me out of here,” said Santa?   “Yes Santa. I can,” exclaimed Nelly politely?  Nelly tried to get Santa out of the chimney but it did not work.  Nelly went outside into the garage to get a rope and try to get Santa out of the chimney. Nelly whispered up the chimney to the elves to push Santa down from the chimney so Santa would land onto the floor. The elves pushed Santa as hard as they could. Then FLOP down came Santa.  Nelly asked Santa if he was alright.  Santa replied, “Yes I am.”  Santa told Nelly to go to bed like a good girl would.   Nelly went to bed as quickly as she could just like Santa told her to.

HO! HO! HO!  MERRY  CHRISTMAS!    Nelly was sure she heard Santa saying this as he flew up into the sky!

Santa Claus Stuck in the Chimney


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On Christmas Eve night Francisco was upstairs in his bedroom wide awake. He was excited for Christmas and the presents that he would receive from Santa Claus.  Francisco went to sleep.  About two hours later Francisco woke up. Everyone else in his hole house was asleep, so he tried and tried, but he couldn’t fall asleep.   Francisco was dreaming about Santa eating the cookies and drinking the milk he left on the table for Santa Claus.  Francisco jumped out of bed and looked out the window for about four short minutes.   He noticed a lot of snow falling down from the sky.  He also saw the Christmas decorations and lights on the neighbour’s houses.

Francisco decided to go back downstairs because he couldn’t sleep.  Francisco went to the fireplace.   He noticed the fireplace was still on, so he put the fire out with water.  Francisco went back upstairs quietly so he wouldn’t wake anyone up.

Suddenly THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.  Francisco went quickly and quietly went downstairs to the fireplace.   Francisco looked up the chimney and saw Santa Claus’ big, black, shiny boots.  Santa exclaimed,’’ HELP! HELP! HELP!”   Francisco exclaimed, “Be right there!”   Francisco put on his boots and snow suit.  Francisco ran outside with a bottle of oil and got a ladder from the garage.  Francisco climbed to the top of the ladder and poured the oil down the chimney.  Francisco heard a loud thump and Santa exclaiming,’’ Thank you!  Come inside because it is cold out.’’ Francisco said, “I sure will!  Glad you are not stuck in the chimney anymore!”  Francisco climbed down the ladder, ran inside to the warm house, and quickly taking his snow suite off.   He couldn’t believe Santa was before his eyes.  Santa Claus said, “Thank you for helping me.  Now you go to sleep like a terrific boy.”   Francisco responded, “Alright!  Merry Christmas!”   As Francisco lay snug in his bed in the distance heard, “Ho! Ho! Ho!  Merry Christmas and to all a good night!”

Santa’s Big Problem!


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It was Christmas Eve around 11:55 p.m. and Drayden was so eager for when Santa Claus would put his presents under his Christmas tree. He couldn’t really sleep but when he almost fell asleep he heard, “Thud! Thud! Thud!”   However, Drayden thought it was just his dad chasing mice.   So Drayden crept slowly down his creaky stairs, but right when he was almost down the stairs the noise stopped.  He continued to go downstairs and checked to see if Santa had come yet, but he didn’t.  Drayden went and looked up his his chimney and all he saw was the pitch black night sky and Santasparkling stars.

Drayden went back to bed for about an hour and heard the noise again followed by a loud his chimney and saw something red and a tiny bit white. Drayden stuttered “S-S-Santa is it really y-y-you?” and Santa replied, “Yes.” Drayden, since you are standing there could you help me out of here? It is not comfortable in here and it kind of reeks like ashes,” exclaimed Santa. “Okay! Did you bring any elves with you,” asked Drayden. Santa replied, “Yes two.” Drayden went to his front porch and climbed up and onto his roof and right in front of his very eyes was Santa’s sleigh, nine Reindeer, and two elves. Drayden went up to the elves and exclaimed, “You two elves jump on Santa and I’ll go see if he falls down.” Drayden went back downstairs and he heard the little elves trying as hard as they could to push Santa down the chimney. It made Drayden feel really bad then Drayden went and asked Santa, “Is it okay if I ask my dad if he can help?” As fast as he could Santa exclaimed, “No! No! No!”, “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” Drayden sprinted down his thirteen stairs and looked up

Drayden went to the kitchen and got some cooking oil.  Drayden warned Santa that he will be oily but he would no longer be stuck in the chimney.   Drayden poured the oil all over Santa’s chubby body.  Santa screamed, “Ugh!” Drayden responded, “Don’t worry! If this doesn’t work I got a few other plans up my sleeve.” Drayden went and looked up the chimney and whispered, “Are you okay up there? Yes but I’m still stuck,” replied Santa.   “I’ll go try something else and you can go take a shower when you fall out, responded Drayden.

Drayden went to the roof again to ask the elves if they had any magical dust left that made the reindeer fly.  The elves told him they did, but it only works on animals. Drayden asked if they had any rope and the elves said they did and it was really strong too. Drayden told the reindeer to put the rope in their mouth and pull Santa out and Drayden would push Santa up to help them. Drayden got down he pushed and pushed Santa Claus and right when he was about to give up Santa popped out of the chimney. He told Santa he could take a shower now and Santa did.   It took him 22 minutes to shower and when he was out Drayden asked if he could eat the cookies with him and Santa said he could. After that Santa replied, “Go to bed and be a good boy or else you don’t get any presents.” Drayden went to bed and he heard Santa holler, “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”


Santa Stuck In The Chimney


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photo 2                 I.J

It was a chilly Christmas Eve, when Isaac and his family went to bed. Isaac woke up because  he heard a noise. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! Then Isaac went to look at the clock and it was 12:00 a.m. in the morning. Isaac went downstairs.  Isaac went outside and got a ladder.  As he was climbing the ladder he heard another THUMP.

Then Isaac got on the roof where he saw Santa Claus stuck in the chimney upside down. Isaac said, “Are you Santa Claus?” Santa said, “Yes.  Can you get me out of the chimney please?” “Yes,” said Isaac but he couldn’t think how to get Santa Claus out of the chimney. Santa Claus was crying because he was stuck. Then Isaac got an idea. He went to get a rope and then Isaac tied the rope to the reindeer. Isaac yelled, “When I count to three, you reindeer pull!” Isaac yelled, “ONE, TWO, and THREE!” All the reindeer PULLED and PULLED and PULLED then Santa popped out of the chimney.  Santa Claus said, “If you want a present then be a good boy and go to sleep.” Santa Claus ate the cookies Isaac had left for him. As he left Santa hollered, “Merry Christmas to all! HO HO HO HO HO! And so Isaac went to sleep.

     The End

Santa is Stuck!


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santaphoto 1-happy-smiling-boy-christmas-santa-s-elf

It was a chilly Christmas Eve night. I was incredibly excited about Christmas. I just finished putting on my pj’s and  jumped into bed.  No matter how hard I tried sleeping is something I could not do. I was too excited. My sister on the bunk below was already asleep, smiling [probably about Christmas]. I got out a book to read because usually if I read a while, I got sleepy, but I still couldn’t sleep. I sighed. I shut my eyes tight, still I did not fall asleep.

I decided to get a glass of milk. I went downstairs to the fridge and got a glass of milk. I was just going to go upstairs when I surprisingly found that the two chocolate chip cookies and the cup of hot chocolate and milk were still there. I left hot chocolate just case Santa didn’t want milk. I looked at the clock. Santa still hadn’t arrived get? Weird I thought to myself. I put my foot on the stairs. THUMP. I was that loud? Strange! I tried again as quiet as I could. THUMP. Even louder! I looked at the stairs for a good five minutes. Then I heard it again. THUMP. I looked at my feet they had not just touched the stairs! Then I heard something different. It was a groan! I looked around, I was alone.  I thought the noise came from the chimney. 

I felt in the chimney. I felt something smooth. I tugged and tugged. It was a nice and shiny boot. ‘‘Hey, give me my boot back. It’s cold outside.” reported a voice. I dropped the boot and jumped back. ‘‘Santa, is that you?” I asked, surprised that someone was, I guess, stuck in our chimney. [sigh] “Yes, it is Santa.  I am stuck in the chimney that’s around me right now. Can you please help me get out of here?’’ How am I going to get him out I thought to myself.   I tried and tried to figure out how to get him out.   But I couldn’t think of anything. Just then an elf from the top of the chimney interrupted my thoughts. ‘‘Can you please try and hurry get him out? Or he won’t finishing delivering all the presents tonight.’’ Then the elf gave me an idea. ‘‘I’ll be right out, so wait right there!’’ I called back to them. When I got a ladder and climbed on the roof, I told the elves my idea. ‘‘One of you is going to hold on to the other elf’s feet, and another is going to do it to another, and so on till we reach Santa.’’ They did so and I pulled on the last elf’s feet and we pulled and pulled. At last we got Santa up! We all did a little cheer after. ‘‘Now go to bed and I’ll put the presents under the tree,’’ replied Santa. I did so. I snuggled in bed and I heard a faint, ‘‘Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I smiled and I fell fast asleep!


Santa Stuck in the Chimney


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photo 3


It was Christmas Eve and quite chilly outside. I was just about to lie down and go to sleep in my cozy bed when immediately I heard a sound that was coming from outside! I looked out the window, when I looked out I saw some beautiful paws running and going up into the sky. That’s weird I thought to myself. Then all of a sudden I heard hooves on the roof. I scampered out of bed as fast as I could go! I was running so fast that I tripped on the stairs and screamed, “OW!” When I finally reached the bottom (which seemed like forever) I noticed that the gingerbread cookies I had left out hadn’t been eaten yet.

All of a sudden, I heard a soft voice, “HELP!” It was coming from the chimney. I put my head in the chimney and noticed that everything was red. “Had the sky turned red?” I thought to myself. But where had the voice come from? I looked up there again. This time I saw big black shiny boots. I stared up the chimney in amazement. Really could it be Santa? Then I heard the voice again. “Help get me out of here I’m stuck!” shrieked the voice. “Santa is that you?” I yelled at the top of my lungs! “W-w-who are you?” He stammered. “I am Helena. Do you need help to get out of here?” I asked politely. “Yes please,” he replied. I started to tug on his beard but he yelled, “OW! Please don’t tug on my beard again it hurts.” So I grabbed his shoulders and tugged as hard as I could but Santa did not budge. I thought and thought and thought about how I was going to get Santa out of that dark creepy chimney.

I ran outside as fast as my feet could carry me. I got a ladder and a rope from the garage. I put the rope around Santa’s fat legs and started to pull but his big black boots just came off. “My feet are really cold,” he stammered. So I put his boots back on his feet so they wouldn’t be so cold. I tried to jump on him but Santa still did not budge. Santa started to cry. “How will I ever deliver all the presents if I’m stuck in this chimney? The children will be so sad if they don’t have any presents on Christmas morning.” “Don’t worry,” I said to Santa. “I’ll get you out.” “I hope so, sighed Santa.” “Can you suck in your tummy?” I asked him. “Yes I can,” he replied. So Santa sucked in his big fat tummy and I jumped on his big black shiny boots. I jumped and jumped but Santa only budged a little bit, so I told Santa to suck his tummy in more. Then all of a sudden Santa fell down the creepy chimney and bonked his head on the bottom. “Ouch,” he yelled! I was still at the tip top of the roof. I asked Santa, “Are you OK?” He said, “Yes but my back hurts.” I accidentally tripped and fell down, down, down the dark chimney and landed right on Santa’s big fat belly. It was really soft but Santa yelled out really loud, “OUCH!” “Shhh don’t wake up my family,” I said. I’m trying not to but it really hurts.” I know,” I replied. “Here eat some cookies and milk. That will make you feel better.” “Ahh much better,” responded Santa.  “See I knew it would make you feel better,” I exclaimed. “Thanks now be a good girl and go to bed,” Santa exclaimed. “I will!  Merry Christmas,” I responded. “Merry Christmas to you to,” replied Santa!


Santa is Stuck!


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            photo 4     

One Christmas Eve the white shiny snow was falling on Michelle’s brown rooftop. She was all tucked in bed with her fuzzy bear and her favourite blankets until she heard, ‘‘Thump, thump, thump, cling, thump, thump, thump, and cling’’. ‘‘Mmmmm,’’ she thought to herself. She thought it was her brother Andrew who was eight, so she went in to his bright blue room but he was fast asleep.  Michelle crept downstairs and looked at the milk and cookies, but the four cookies and milk were still there.

Suddenly Michelle heard ‘‘Help, help, help’’. She heard it come from the chimney. So she tiptoed to the cold brick chimney and she looked up! ‘‘Ahhhh,’’ she whispered. Then Michelle paused and she stammered, ‘‘Is that really you Santa?” ‘‘Yes’’, yelled Santa,” but you have to get me out before the night is over.” ‘‘Okay,’’ she whispered to Santa.  Michelle looked in the fridge to find some butter, but it was empty because her brother used all the butter yesterday.

Michelle slipped on her pink boots and outside she went.  Michelle went into the garage and found a rope. The rope was only 60 cm long she estimated. Michelle went inside and found ten jump ropes because she got a jump rope set from last Christmas. After she got the jump ropes she tied them together and made a ten meter rope.  Michelle went downstairs and tied Santa’s right arm on the jump rope and pulled. After a while she got tired because he wouldn’t budge.  

Michelle went upstairs and told her brother to help her. ‘‘Okay,’’ he whispered. Michelle and Andrew went downstairs and pulled on the jump ropes.  Suddenly Santa fell down and crashed into the ash.  Santa whispered, ‘‘Now you two go back to sleep and be wonderful little children.” “Alright! We will.  Merry Christmas,’’ Michelle and Andrew exclaimed! ‘‘Merry Christmas to you as well,’’ hollered Santa and off he went.


Fall Leaves


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By: Gerhard   

Leaves fall to the ground

It’s time to play in the leaves

By jumping in them.

Bean Mosaic



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halloween-black-cat-with                                                        By: Anna

                                      Pumpkins glow bright on

                                       A scary Halloween night

                                      Kids wear costumes too. 





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By: Benny

It’s fall and pumpkins

Are orange and spooky looking

Kids wear costumes too.


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