Santa’s Stuck in The Chimney


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Santa Is Stuck In the Chimney  

 By: Paulina  

santa_claus_stuck_in_a_chimney_upside_down_with_feet_sticking_up_0515-0912-1509-5915_SMU (1)

One chilly Christmas Eve Paulina was tucked in bed with her cozy blanket. All of a sudden Paulina heard a THUMP!  She thought she might have bumped into the wall. Paulina tried to go back to sleep, but she just couldn’t fall asleep. Paulina was too excited about Christmas. Paulina looked out the window and she heard the THUMP again.

Paulina was getting closer to it. Paulina looked in every room downstairs, but the noise wasn’t in any of the rooms.  Paulina decided get a drink from the kitchen. The cookies and milk were still there that she had left for Santa. As she was about go upstairs she heard a asked, “Is it you voice calling help! She went closer to the fire place and stuck her hand into the chimney and felt something fluffy and she Santa?  Yes it is,” a voice exclaimed back.“Are you stuck in my chimney?” asked Paulina.   “Yes I am,” sobbed Santa.  “Oh dear, Santa!  I will try my best to get you out,” cried Paulina.

Paulina thought to herself.  First I will try pull Santa out with a rope. Paulina quickly got a rope from the garage. Paulina tied the rope around Santa’s belly and started to pull and pull as hard as she could.  It just wouldn’t work. Only Santa’s toy bag fell out. Paulina didn’t want to give up because she knew that Santa still had a lot of presents to deliver.  Paulina tried again and pulled so hard that her face turned red from trying to pull Santa out.Only Santa’s toy bag fell out.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Paulina decided to use a different idea. She decided to mix soap and water together.  Paulina would tell the elves to pour the soap and water down the chimney and hopefully Santa would fall out with a THUMP. Santa agreed to the idea.  Paulina got straight to work.   She mixed the soap and water together and quickly went into the garage.  She got a ladder and climbed onto the roof and gave the bucket of soap and water to the elves. Paulina ran into the house and THUMP, Santa fell on the ground.  Santa exclaimed, “Thank you!  Now you go to sleep and I will fill each of your stockings with toys. Paulina replied, “Thank you Santa and have a safe night! Don’t forget I left some yummy cookies for you!”

                                                                     Merry Christmas!

stock-photo-a-bucket-of-soapy-water-and-a-sponge-for-cleaning-78560197 4b606abf7d09d5dc3a8992c03d5df0c7


Santa Stuck in the Chimney!


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One Christmas Eve I was almost asleep when I heard THUMP, THUMP, and THUMP!  I went downstairs to get some chocolate milk and then I heard it again THUMP. I went to the living room and then I heard get me out of here!

I went to the chimney. I reached into the chimney and I grabbed a red and white hat. I heard a voice exclaim, “Give me my hat back.” I jump backed with a fright.  I couldn’t believe it!  Someone was in the chimney!

I looked up the chimney and I saw Santa! Santa exclaimed, “I am stuck in your chimney. Please help!”   I thought to myself I will try to get Santa out with melted butter.  I went to the kitchen and placed some butter into a pot on the stove.  The butter SIZZLED and SPUTTERED.  I let it cool for a few minutes and then poured some down the chimney. Santa said, “I’m still stuck. But it didn’t work!”

I went to the garage and grabbed a rope.  I went on the roof and to the chimney and threw the rope down. Santa started to slip! Santa still didn’t get out.

I thought about getting soap and water.  I went to the bathroom and filled a bucket with soap and water. I went on the roof and poured the soap and water down the chimney. “I’m slipping, but I’m not down yet,” exclaimed Santa! The soap and water did not work either.  What do I do?

Then I went to the kitchen and got cooking oil. Santa exclaimed, “Thank you for saving me!  Now go to bed and don’t tell your family. Sweet dreams and Merry Christmas!” “Okay,” I replied.   

Santa is Stuck in My Chimney


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             Santa is Stuck in My Chimney!             

                                                                                          By: Peter                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

One chilly night on Christmas Eve when I was trying to sleep, I heard, “Thump, thump, thump.” I went down the steps really slowly to the chimney and saw something stuck.  It had red on its’ body and a fluffy hat.

I decided to go outside and I heard reindeer.  I backed up a little more and saw Santa’s reindeer on the roof and Santa’s sleigh! Suddenly, I heard Santa yell, “Help!  Help! I got stuck in the chimney!” Hmm I thought to myself, how can I get Santa out of the chimney?  I went back to the kitchen and melted some butter on the stove.  I poured the butter down the chimney, but yikes I just made a big mess. 

I decided I would try soap and water. I went to the bathroom and got a bar of soap and a bucket full of water. I just made an even bigger mess.

Suddenly, I heard my mom yell, “What is going on?” “Santa is stuck in our chimney,” I replied.  My mom suggested I try to get Santa out with some of her cooking oil.  I went to the kitchen and got some cooking oil. It just made my hands dirty. 

I heard my dad yelling, “What is going on down there?”  “Santa is stuck in our chimney,” I replied.   “Try a crane,” my dad suggested.  However, I didn’t know how to work the controls. 

I decided to try to stick a magnet onto Santa’s belt and pull.I went into my room and got my old science magnet. I counted one, two, and three.  It still didn’t work. 

 I decided to get a rope from the garage.  It just didn’t work. I decided to try to get Santa out of the chimney by pulling with the reindeer and the Elves.  I asked the elves and the reindeer, “Are you ready to get Santa out of the chimney? Ready? One, two, three! Pop! Yay it worked it finally worked!”

“Ho, Ho, Ho!  Thank you for saving me, but you have to go to sleep if you still want your presents!” exclaimed Santa.   “Okay, but how can I go to sleep if Santa is in my house?” I asked. “Just try to go to sleep,” Santa replied. The next morning when I woke up the milk, cookies, and carrots were gone.  There were presents under the Christmas tree. I played with all of the presents for three days nonstop. It was the best Christmas I ever had!

                                                                   The End ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????reandeer

Santa’s Stuck in the Chimney


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Santa Stuck in the Chimney

By: Dylan 

One chilly Christmas Eve the wind was blowing. The windows were opening and shutting because my dad left the windows open a bit for Santa.   Suddenlty, I heard a thump, thump noise on the roof. I went to look what was making that noise and as I went downstairs I heard a person yell, “HELP! HELP!  I’m stuck in the chimney!” I looked up the fireplace and I saw Santa’s white beard.  


“Santa what are you doing up there?” I asked.  Santa replied, “Can you get me out of here? Or I’m going to put you on the naughty list!”                                                                                                        

First, I decided to go outside and drive my dad’s red Ferrari up my brother Johnny’s ramp and hopefully land on the roof and knock down the brick chimney. I tried five times but it didn’t work! 


Next I thought that a tractor and a rope might get Santa out. I got the tractor from my dad’s farm. I tied one end of the rope around the brick chimney and the other end of the rope to the hitch of the tractor. I tried six times and it still didn’t work!

Just as I was about to quit my brother Johnny woke up. “Don’t give up, maybe if we try something else it would work!” suggested Johnny.” Hey I have an idea!” I shouted out loud.

Then I tried using butter to make Santa slippery! I had to go to the kitchen to get lots and lots of butter. I thought it wouldn’t work, but my brother exclaimed, “Just keep trying. I did what my brother suggested” I continued to try and It worked.  My brother and were I happy.My brother and I went to bed, so we wouldn’t be sleepy on Christmas morning.  Santa shouted, “Merry Christmas to all and a good night!”santa stuck


Owl Haiku


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                        Owls are hooting.

            Sharp talons to catch their prey.

                            Enjoy tasty mice.


              cool owl




Owl Haiku


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nightowlOwls hoot loudly.

Owls flying in the woods.

Sharp beak to catch prey.




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Owls like to hoot.

Swooping down from the high trees.

Talons to catch prey.

Fun With Owls


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Owls have large wings.

Owls have  large yellow eyes.

Owls can fly fast.

Fun In Fall


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Jumping into leaves.

My dad and I rake the leaves.

Leaves under my feet.



Autumn Haiku


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Leaves turn red and orange.

Crunchy leaves under my feet.                               

Leaves fall to the ground.      








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